When I was a graduate student, I used to collect a variety of older RISC workstations to play with all of the different exotic flavors of Unix that preceded Linux. I downsized my collection substantially when I moved to California, so this page will be mostly a memory of what used to be.

For the time being, here is an old photo of a few of my Sun Blade workstations with my girl Anna enjoying them.

Various Sun workstations

I had a steady supply of Sun and Silicon Graphics hardware at the time, and I cut my teeth on Solaris and IRIX as a result.

Of less interest are my collection of single-board computers. I put them here mostly so I remember what I've got scattered around.

Host Model Revision SOC CPU
cloverleaf Raspberry Pi Model B 000f BCM2835 ARM1176JZF-S
cloverfield Raspberry Pi Model B+ 0010 BCM2835 ARM1176JZF-S
clovermill Raspberry Pi Zero W 9000c1 BCM2835 ARM1176JZF-S
clovermine Raspberry Pi 3 Model B a02082 BCM2837 ARM Cortex-A53
cloverdale Raspberry Pi 4 Model B c03112 BCM2711 ARM Cortex-A72
de10-nano Terasic DE10-Nano 5CSEBA6U23I7 ARM Cortex-A9
jetson NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4G Tegra K1
whitehaven Beaglebone Black Wifi
blackhall Beaglebone Black
greystone Beaglebone AI AM5729 ARM Cortex