"The difference between science and screwing around is writing it down."

This page is where I keep notes along my journey to find the ideal set of tools to work productively throughout my career as an infrastructure architect in the HPC industry.

Notes and knowledge

My goals:

  1. Maintain a knowledgebase of both public and private information.
  2. Maintain meeting notes for future reference.
  3. Somehow connect the two.

My requirements:

  1. Cannot store notes in anyone's cloud other than my employer's (so OneDrive or Sharepoint)
  2. Must synchronize across both desktop (Mac) and mobile (iOS). Mobile can be read-only for now. Windows support is a bonus.
  3. Indexable by Copilot is highly desirable.


The good:

  • Extensible with plugins.
  • Wikilinks is very straightforward for connecting knowledgebase with notes.


  • Embedding images in notes is janky.
  • Incompatible with Copilot so far (Copilot does not index OneDrive, and it does index Markdown in Sharepoint).
  • Integrating non-markdown content in Vault (docx, external URLs) is extremely limited.

Microsoft Loop

The good:

  • Pretty overall UI.
  • Can have URLs (docx/pptx Sharepoint links, external webpages) appear in the navigation next to notes.


  • Ideas UI has no way to create a new idea as far as I can tell.
  • Search doesn't seem to map to a workspace in a reasonable way. Finding information can be difficult.
  • Context menus are inconsistent. For example, you cannot create a link directly in a folder.
  • Limited link hierarchy. For some reason you cannot nest pages more than a few levels deep.
  • No copilot support for loop components. Copilot seems to be write-only in Loop. To summarize contents, you have to go through copilot.microsoft.com.

Microsoft OneNote


  • No find and replace in 2022. See Find and replace text in notes.
  • Completely incompatible with Microsoft Word. Copy/paste doesn't preserve html elements, only styles; headings turn into fonts, bulleted lists paste in as ascii with spaces.
  • No feature parity across implementations. For example, cannot change note date on any platform except Windows.